June 16, 2022

Folsom City Fireworks Go Full Scale Modern: Why Can’t “Green” Vancouver?

Folsom California is a town of 80,454 people in Sacramento County, California. Intel moved here in 1992 and employs 6,100 employees in seven office buildings comprising over 1.5 million square feet. That’s ten percent bigger than the Tsawwassen Mills Mega Mall footprint.

In this town Intel has a laboratory for producing chipsets and drivers, and also creates innovative technology. As one of the biggest employers in the county, they also give back: in November 2021 Intel provided a fabulous drone show. That drone exhibition not only showed off their technology, but allowed the company to showcase a new division that provides intel drone shows.

You can take a look at where these intel drone shows have performed globally, and also review some of the unique applications for drones: as advertising beacons they  can even project QR codes in the sky.

As a celebration of the company, Intel created a unique drone show for Folsom, which you can view in the first video below. The second video shows a newer application of a drone show produced by Verge Aero.

While the costs of producing these shows are still relatively high, prices will decrease with technology and use. Plus there’s no pollution in the atmosphere, no large noise disturbance to animals or people, and no expended charges to pick up.

Back to Vancouver, where we are still plugging the 19th century way of doing things, with fireworks in a supposedly “green” city. We’ve been writing about the need to reboot spectacles and ban antiquated  firework displays for so many reasons.

In a city where there is a major play with software companies, the film industry and innovative computer technologies, could an international  summer drone show competition perhaps outperform the old antiquated gunpowder fireworks? And perhaps be an even bigger draw?



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  1. I so agree with you on this. Living in the Westend, fireworks nights are hell. My windows actually rattle and shake with each explosion. Who wouldn’t love one of those drone shows, or silent fireworks without gunpowder? As you point out, for a tech friendly city we are stuck in a past century on this.

  2. While the drone shows I’ve seen on TV look pretty spectacular (Olympic opening/closings) , I doubt that the drones would be able to respond with the velocity of an explosive burst to time with rock music. I could easily see them working well with classical or easy listening music, but most of the fireworks displays have a variety of music including softer sounds, rock and “rah, rah” types of beats to liven things up.
    I suspect that a drone show may be more like listening to Kenny G.