April 22, 2022

Get Your Own Jane Jacobs or I.M. Pei Doll, Support a Great Cause

Trust the good folks behind the City of Toronto’s Jane’s Walk Festival to come up with the perfect way to honour  citizen planner Jane Jacobs and one of her contemporaries, the legendary architect I.M. Pei, by supporting the purchase of hand sewn dolls or doll kits of these icons.



The resourceful Tiny Activist Projectseeks to highlight lesser known stories of people who fought to save cultural resources. Through hand sewn dolls and workshops the Tiny Activist Project works to connect urbanism, heritage, and community activism to diverse age groups. Every item sold contributes to a specific preservation cause.”

This group provides tiny scholarships for people with big dreams. In the past they have paid for attendance at conferences and provided speaker honorariums.

And this year, the ultimate gift for any urbanist: your very own Jane Jacobs or I.M. Pei hand sewn doll. A portion of every sale goes towards scholarships for emerging professionals to go to preservation conferences.

You can find other items for sale on this Tiny Activist project page.
Images: SarahMarsom

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