February 11, 2022

Heritage Week in BC: ‘Altogether Inclusive’

February 21-27 is Heritage Week in BC and across Canada. ‘Altogether Inclusive’ explores the many ways that heritage engagement needs creativity as well as unique solutions and actions to encourage widespread participation.

All events will be presented virtually at this time.


Wednesday, February 23 – Places That Matter Community Celebration

VHF presents an evening of storytelling from the Places That Matter project, hosted virtually through Zoom. Join us for our community celebration which will include the reading of the Heritage Week 2022 Proclamation by City of Vancouver Councillors and the following speakers:

  • Musqueam community members
  • Alysa Routtenberg (Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia)
  • Keiko Honda (Kerrisdale Community Centre and Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society)
  • Randy Clark (Educator and former resident of Hogan’s Alley)

7pm – 8pm, by donation, registration required here.


Thursday, February 24 – Altogether Inclusive: A Heritage Week Virtual Stroll

Join local historian, author and seasoned walking tour guide, John Atkin, to celebrate Heritage Week as he explores some of Vancouver’s unique heritage spots on this virtual walk!

7pm – 8pm, $15, registration required here.

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