January 10, 2022

How will Robotic Deliveries Use the Sidewalk? Free Webinar on Developing Parameters

Sidewalk Robots: What’s in scope for Draft Technical Standard ISO 4448?
Nonprofit Urban Robotics Foundation was created to coordinate the robotic policies of member municipalities. URF is the drafter of the ISO 4448 series for ground-based automated mobility. This standard sets up the parameters and procedures for loading and unloading of passengers and goods with automated motor vehicles at the curbside, and the movement of robotic service vehicles within pedestrian spaces (sidewalks, crosswalks, bikeways, etc.) within cities, towns and suburbs.

A key intention of Draft Standard ISO 4448 “Ground-based automated mobility” is to create a basis for a model code for urban robotic traffic system regulations 2022-2030.

This event is an open discussion for municipal and traffic planners as well as last-mile logistics planners. It is focused on footways and bikeways as well as un/loading at the curb/kerb.

This online discussion will review and answer your questions about the scope of the standard and its parts.

Date: Thursday JANUARY 14, 2022
Time: 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time.
This is NOT a forum to discuss pros/cons of automation. This is a discussion of the structure of traffic regulation and orchestration systems that will be required by any city that does not ban automated taxis and service robots.Currently proposed Parts of Draft ISO 4448 are: [1] Overview of paradigm, [2] Data definitions, [3] Communications and cybersecurity, [4] Kerb loading and unloading procedures and protocols, [5] Footway and bikeway procedures and protocols, [6] Integration of kerb and footway deployment, [7] Device behaviour in public spaces, [8] Social communication, [9] Certification of kerb readiness for automated vehicle use, [10] Certification of footway and bikeway readiness for automated vehicle use, [11] Weather-worthiness, [12] Crash Procedures, [13] Mapping Procedures, [14] Personal assist (goods), and [15] Personal assist (passenger). (This list is subject to change.)

All participants have video+audio access. Participant count limited. Civil discussion only. Recorded.


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