January 4, 2022

Free Webinar: How To Lead Through Conflict

In Metro Vancouver the British Columbia Justice Institute offers a Certificate in Collaborative Conflict Resolution. It is a thoughtful course and one that has been very helpful. This free webinar introduces many of these concepts.

Join Charmaine Hammond for the Leader as Mediator webinar. Leaders are spending anywhere from 15-25% of their time dealing with, responding to and facilitating conversations related to conflict. Often leaders find themselves having to facilitate and mediate conflicts in the workplace. When conflict is avoided or poorly managed trust erodes, relationships are strained or damaged, productivity is affected, leaders face increased stress and team functioning is impacted. Leaders are losing sleep over the new conflicts emerging and old ones resurfacing both online and in the office.

Date: Tuesday January 11, 2022.

Time: 9:00 to 10:30 Pacific Time.

You can register by clicking this link.

In this interactive webinar you will learn the essential skills for leaders to facilitate conflict related discussions, 3 mistakes to avoid, how to keep your cool when the conversation goes sideways, and how to set the conversation up for success.

Charmaine Hammond, CSP has an MA in Conflict Analysis & Management, was a contract negotiation specialist for government, and for many years was a practicing ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) practitioner, mediating workplace conflicts and facilitating pre-bargaining IB (interest based) conflict management for municipalities as part of their collective agreement negotiations.

Charmaine Hammond, an expert in conflict resolutions helps business owners, Human Resources professionals and leaders deal with conflict, difficult conversations and other “people” issues in the workplace.

For more than two decades Charmaine has been building respectful and resilient workplace cultures with her clients from the gas and energy sector, to government, non-profit organizations, police, fire, paramedics and everything in between. As a public speaker, consultant and facilitator Charmaine has worked with thousands of clients and audiences worldwide teaching business owners, leaders and front line staff how to effectively deal with everyday challenges.

She is respected for her ability to engage people, get results, and transform workplaces through her proven methods and systems, and unique Team Building Charter. She has won several business awards and is the author of five books including: Bounce Forward: Building Inspired Resilient Teams, Building a Respectful Workplace, GPS Your Best Life (co-author), and her latest Building a Respectful Workplace.

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