November 30, 2021

Free Webinar: Property, Home & Precarity: From Street Sweeps to Housing Justice

Home, supposedly a place of security and support, has become increasingly vulnerable for Vancouverites. The prevailing property system works well for the privileged few, but forces many of us into precarity. Unpacking the connections between property and vulnerability, this panel explores and brings together four key sites: rental evictions; street sweeps; rental financialization; and housing justice movements.

Drawing from sustained research, senior SFU students will present their work and engage in dialogue with Nick Blomley, a critical property scholar at SFU; Meenakshi Mannoe, criminalization and policing campaigner at Pivot Legal Society; Delilah Gregg, a member of VANDU; and Magie Ramírez, assistant professor of geography at SFU, to explore questions such as: What does shelter vulnerability look like? How is it produced? What work do prevailing property systems do in producing vulnerability? How is it contested?

Date: Monday December 6

Time: 7:00 pm. Pacific Time

You can register at this link.

This event is a collaboration with Nick Blomley’s fall 2021 course “Property, Land, Society” (GEOG 440) as part of SFU Public Square’s Classroom Partnership Program.

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