November 29, 2021

Heritage Vancouver: The Filipino Food Hub

From Heritage Vancouver:

Listening Room: The Filipino Community and food hub at Joyce-Collingwood


A rezoning proposal for 5163-5187 Joyce Street near the Joyce-Collingwood Skytrain station drew a lot of interest earlier in the year. Covered in The Tyee as Vancouver’s Filipino Heart, attention has been on the cluster of six small businesses, many Filipino-run and patronized, facing displacement.

Hear from two guests directly affected by the development proposal:

Bennet Miemban-Ganata, the owner of Plato Filipino, one of the businesses on the site up for redevelopment

Claire Baguio, the co-founder of Sliced Mango Collective, an organization conducting their own community engagement about the displacement of the businesses through their #SliceofSupport campaign


Listening Room provides a space for our two guests to share what this neighbourhood and food hub means to them and for attendees to understand this place from their perspective. During the event, a moderator will conduct a conversation with our guests about the life experiences connected to this food hub and neighbourhood.


Thursday, December 9

7-8:30 pm


The event will be on Zoom. We will send you the link after you register closer to the date of the event.

Tickets here.

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  1. My bold prediction is this is the project that leads us down the path of “inclusionary commercial zoning.” I think certain council members have been dancing around this idea for a bit, and this is the project where they’ll finally say it out loud. Having to bringing businesses back at below market rents will become the new thing.

    Good news for incumbent businesses paying low rents!

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