October 1, 2021

Residential Parking Fees: Climate Action or City Cash Grab?


On Oct. 5 2021, Vancouver Council will debate a recommendation to implement the Climate Emergency Parking Program (CEPP), which would implement a new overnight residential street parking permit throughout the city. Gord and Sandy have some thoughts on that.

SANDY: Hey Gordon, there’s a big motion coming up on Council. The City of Vancouver Council has a very ambitious climate emergency plan and is looking for ways to fund it. AND SO… they’ve decided to charge everybody parking their vehicles in residential areas for the privilege of parking there, in order to raise 20 percent of the needed funding! What a sham! This is a curb side tax grab.

GORDON: Well, parking is where territoriality meets politics. Citizens get upset very quickly when you’re taking away something free and punishing them to do it. Especially when it’s the space in front of their own homes.

SANDY: Come on Gordon, of course they are upset. The City’s residential parking program was put in at the request of residents. It was never a way for the city to get revenue from residents who had vehicles. And anyway, how does having a vehicle sitting not moving on a street affect climate change? PLEEEEAAASSSE! ….


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