August 30, 2021

Jobs Jar: Executive Director at BEST

BEST stands for Better Environmentally Sound Transportation and they have been leaders in sustainable transportation in British Columbia.

Are you a leader passionate about active, sustainable transportation? We are currently seeking a full-time Executive Director. This role is an opportunity to play a significant role in the region’s transportation policy and initiatives. The Executive Director is the senior strategic and administrative leader of BEST. They represent BEST at various levels in Metro Vancouver, working with senior municipal representatives and social organizations/enterprises to further BEST’s mission. If you excel at strategic planning, policy development, relationship building, and organizational leadership we want to hear from you.

Key Responsibilities

Accountable to the elected Board of Directors and executes the strategic direction set in collaboration with the Board

Seeks out new opportunities for the organization and makes recommendations to the Board on the creation, adoption, or elimination of BEST programming or collaborative opportunities

Leads the staff, hires, assigns, supervises, evaluates and releases staff, and manages BEST operations on a day-to-day basis

Develops, supervises, and evaluates projects and programs to ensure they meet their goals, timelines and contribute to BEST’s mission while reflecting the priorities of the Board

Ensures that BEST is equitable and sustainable in all aspects of its operations and that BEST continually improves its performance in striving to meet its mission

Reporting Relationship

The BEST Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors at their monthly meetings and on an ad hoc basis as required.

This position is open until filled. For further information click here for the full job description.


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