August 5, 2021

Melbourning Vancouver

Daily Scot is always on the lookout for signs that Vancouver is adopting great ideas from Melbourne on how to design and use urban spaces.  He saw two the other day.

Fluevog’s on Granville has the fully muraled storefront – the entire facade is the canvas.


And of course, we’re always looking for the Melbourne Laneway Effect – the famous pedestrianized alleys that have been essential for the city’s identity (and prosperity) since the ’90s.  Vancouver hasn’t yet found the formula.

But here’s an example that suggests a formula will be found – a hidden patio called Chupito.  It is very popular.  Very.  We arrived at 5 when it opened and got one of the last tables.  At leaving time, the wait was an hour and a half.  On a Tuesday afternoon.


Its ambience may be dubious, but that’s the part of the appeal – either in spite of or because of things like a squished rat in the alley.


Chupito very vividly demonstrates the economic value of a couple of parking spaces when you give good marguerita.

This hidden place is two blocks from The Post at Dunsmuir, soon to be filled with thousands of Amazonians, looking for margarita.   This won’t be the only place that provides them.


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