August 2, 2021

Public Pop Up Surprise: Stand on this Decal for Dance Party


Coming out of the latest phase of the pandemic, a dance company used the opportunity of having double vaccinations to go back to designing public pop up surprises in New York City open spaces.

Using the Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan, a professional dance crew called the Dynamic Rockers partnered with the Museum of the City of New York. The theme was to celebrate the opening of a new exhibit at the museum entitled “New York, New Music: 1980-1986”.

Courtesy of the museum, you can hear a sampling of music created in New York City during that time period here.

For the public participatory performance, a decal was placed on a paver in the park that simply read “stand here for dance party”.

By the “rules”, the one hundred person dance party which (of course) played music from a very 1980’s boombox had to wait until someone clearly stood right on top of the decal.  While a whole bunch of people smiled and just photographed the decal, a few stood on top of it, triggering the intricately set up dance choreography which had been developed by the dance group.

As written by Jenna Romaine in The Hill, the promotion and the instant dance party were a great success, and this YouTube video below has already had close to 160,000 views in a few days. It is summer and this is New York City after all.


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