July 23, 2021

Beach Avenue Comes to Hornby Street

Construction work on Hornby Street has required that vehicle traffic be limited to one lane – notably the 700-block between Robson and Georgia.  The separated bike lane has also been closed.

To allow for a bike detour, Engineering took what they learned from Beach Avenue, similarly repositioned during the first year of the pandemic, to create a bypass.  And here’s the thing: it’s a three-laner, not just the width of the two-lane bikeway. There’s a passing lane in the middle – and that makes a huge difference.

As discussed before. there’s already a problem with the separated two-laners as the amount of micro-mobility use increases – those e-bikes, skate- and hover-boards, scooters, monocycles and anything else you can attach a small electric motor to.  Because of the differential in speed, there’s a need to allow for passing, and often that’s not possible on a crowded bikeway.  At least not safely.

Beach Avenue is such a success, with an extraordinary increase in two- and one-wheeled traffic, because it has the needed width for users to sort themselves out.  Same now on this block of Hornby.  They have effectively created a new standard: Mobility Lanes 3.0.   It’s not just for bikes anymore.



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