July 13, 2021

America Walks Free Webinar: Best Practices for Equitable Work

NEW WEBINAR: Authentic Community Engagement – Best Practices for Equitable Work
Join America Walks for a New Webinar!

Join us for presentations and a robust Q & A dialogue with active transportation professionals, nonprofit leaders, and equitable engagement experts around what it means to practice and build authentic community engagement with diverse coalitions as the foundation for driving those vital relationships.

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Panelists will share their best practices for equitable work in striving for inclusive, accessible, connected, and walkable communities – through the lens of their invaluable learned, professionally practiced and lived experiences. Among the details covered, presenters will lean into the importance of acknowledging past harms and learning how to demonstrate an awareness and distinction of active transportation and walkability work as a true tool for empowerment vs. a weapon of racialized oppression.

Authentic Community Engagement – Best Practices for Equitable Work

DATE: Wednesday, July 14th, 2021
Time: 11:00-12 noon Pacific Time

You can register by clicking this link.

Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5238641158307009806

The presentations and discussion will address the following critical questions:

What are the most universal best practices in achieving equity in our work?
How can advocates, practitioners and leaders center the needs and desires of BIPOC and low-income residents?
How can we achieve buy-in and funding streams from government leaders?
How can we habitually challenge normativity in how we define safe walking, biking, mobility, and access?
Why is it imperative to get out of your demographic bubble?
How can we get overlooked community members involved in government-decision discourse?
What are examples of removing barriers for individuals to experience safe destination-based movement while lowering car dependency?
How can we build trust, empowerment and agency with communities that have been perpetually ignored, harmed, and disinvested in?
What kind of data points, projects or outreach can provide the most insight for determining connected, 
About Our Panelists / Presenters:

John Yi is the Executive Director of Los Angeles Walks.

Waffiyyah Murray (she/hers) is a nationally recognized expert in the realm of transportation equity with a background in nonprofit leadership and youth development.

Jeremy Maxand is the Executive Director of the Living Independence Network Corporation, a center for independent living serving 16 counties in southwest Idaho.

José Leal (moderator) At MIG, his projects have encompassed everything from complete streets, parks, schools, and recreation facilities. As Director of the Tribal Nation Building Studio, José is responsible for guiding an interdisciplinary studio of designers, planners, engineers, and scientists to provide engagement, planning, and design services to Tribal Nations.

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