June 8, 2021

Jobs Jar: Active Transportation Engagement Lead

City of Vancouver Senior Stakeholder Relations and Promotions Lead – Transportation Planning

Reporting to the Manager of Transportation Planning, the Senior Stakeholder Relations and Promotions Lead (Team Lead III) manages the Stakeholder Relations & Promotions section within the branch and is responsible for the strategic communications and promotion of sustainable transport modes as well as managing key stakeholder relations.

The successful candidate will lead implementation of the City’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM) work plan to increase the sustainable travel and reduce private vehicle trips.

This role supervises employees as a Senior Team Lead in Transportation Planning, oversees other branch employees in their stakeholder, partnership and promotions roles, and is a primary liaison for Engineering with Civic Engagement and Communications.

Position Start Date: July, 2021

Position End Date: August, 2022

Application Close: June 18, 2021

Details here.

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