May 14, 2021

Small Changes – The Richards Bikeway

The separated bikeway on Richards – still under construction at its southern end, open on the north, applying finishing touches in between.


One of the best features is surely the Fifth Row of trees – just added to the four already planted on the street back in the 1990s.

The concrete jungle of Downtown South

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  1. It’s Magical. More trees please, lets try and outdo Downtown Portland. Our worst stretch has to be Seymour St from Georgia north to the waterfront. Not Magical.

  2. For some reason, many of the trees on Richards St. in front of the Mondrian condos died last year.
    (maybe due to salt damage or due to white mildew?)
    I’m not sure if they have been replaced.

  3. I really wish they would fix the door funnel along Pacific. At least do what they did originally on Richards and use the parked cars as a barrier.

  4. The Richards St bikeway project includes a new cycle lane for one block on Pacific, from Richards to Seymour. The next stretch west, to Hornby, will be aided by the removal of the cloverleafs coming off the Granville Bridge, part of the Granville Connector project. Heading east from Richards, Pacific will be rebuilt with protected cycle lanes from the Cambie Bridge to Quebec, as part of the new street network there. That leaves a gap for the stretch from Richards to the Cambie Bridge, and we should expect that protected lanes will be installed there to complete that final section, but it will likely be some time yet. The new protected cycle lanes going in on Drake could provide some impetus to complete Pacific from Drake to the Cambie Bridge sooner instead of later.

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