Jack (Hans-Jurgen) Becker


Jack Becker was one of the generation that with vision and determination laid the foundations for the cycling city that Vancouver is today.   He was meticulous in his planning whether for cycling expeditions with his partner Jean or in the many submissions he would make for the planning of the projects and proposals that shaped this city and region – the Canada Line, the Gateway Project, the City of Vancouver Capital Plan.

He was a Director and Past President of the British Columbia Cycling Coalition, founding member of the Sustainable Transportation Coalition and Canada Bikes, and director of Bike to Work BC.  He was a director of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition and member of the City of Vancouver Bicycle Advisory Committee (the HUB).  When he lived in Toronto, he was the co-chair of the Toronto Cycling Committee.  Cycling was his primary mode of transportation.

When you cycle in this city today, you are to no small extent cycling in Jack’s world.

Our sympathy and condolences to Jean and Jack’s many friends and colleagues.



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  1. Thank you for posting this memoriam. I met Jack twice. At public meetings. I was struck by his passion and commitment to cycling causes. He spoke with conviction and integrity. So sorry he left us so soon.

  2. My deep condolences to Jean. I worked with Jack on the City Bike Advisory Committee and other groups. And he always had the warmest greetings when I ran into him on some bike path or other. Thank you for all your work, Jack. You’ll be missed…..

  3. Worth noting that Jack was a part of the team developed the winning bid that brought the 2012 Velo City conference to Vancouver as well.

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