March 29, 2021

Free Webinar: University of Florida Transportation Institute on Equity

The University of Florida Transportation Institute presents a free webinar on  Transportation Equity 

This webinar series will include two sessions.

The first session opens the discussion on viewing equity from different angles and presents what an equitable process looks like for a transportation project. The second session introduces methods to apply equity-based principles to everyday practices by uplifting equity to create equitable community engagement practices.

Date: March 31, 2021

Time: 8:30 Pacific Time

You can register at this link

The COVID-19 disruptive nature has challenged our approaches to mobility issues. Among all factors that we need to communicate with fully, equity issues related to transportation should be central throughout transportation projects. Our mobility patterns have dramatically changed as a result of the global pandemic and it showed undeniable impacts of transportation on communities’ everyday lives. In order to prioritize equity, we need to know when and how to invite communities to the table of decision-making related to transportation. Developing an inclusive plan for community engagement becomes easy once we understand what an equitable process exactly means.

Mehri M. Mohebbi, UFTI Equity in Transportation Lead
Larry Schooler, Director of Kearns & West
Joey Goldman, Vice President of Kearns & West
Miguel A. Vazquez. APA Diversity Committee
Susan Wood, Planning Project Manager at Regional Transportation District

Identify different dimensions of equity when it comes to transportation projects
Adopt a data-driven methodology from the start to measure transportation projects’ commitment to equity

Run the right experiments to achieve equity goals in every phase of a transportation project
Identify principles for inclusive community engagement
Learn about how to use existing tools/measures to take an inclusive approach throughout a transportation project
Develop an engagement plan for a case study

You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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