January 27, 2021

Community Design & Revitalization to Promote Health~American Planning Association


This special Virtual Symposium is being introduced by Professor  Nisha Botchwey, Georgia Institute of Technology who has done outstanding work in the health and planning intersection.

In order to open a proposal call for juried articles for the Journal of American Planning concentrating on health, the  association is hosting a free webinar to discuss the track record of innovations in promoting public health through city planning and design, to assess the current state of practice, and to consider next steps in the progression of the field.

Urban Planning and Health Imperatives
In the early 2000s, there was a renewed appreciation for the relationship between the built environment and public health. Subsequently, empirical analysis, pedagogy, and professional practice linking the fields has increased exponentially.  A seminal 2003 American Journal of Public Health special issue, “Built Environment and Health,” drew on these emerging ideas with a research agenda that inspired and identified best practices in designing new communities and revitalizing old ones to promote physical and mental health. Since that time, considerable research on these issues has been published, and the implementation of recommendations resulting from this body of work has transformed health and quality of life in communities, cities, and regions around the world. Unfortunately, many places remain tethered to unhealthy urban form and unequal opportunities to realize improved wellbeing and quality of life.   

Despite clearly established associations and visionary healthy place making over the past twenty years, the need to continue this work has never been more evident.  This JAPA Special Issue seeks to outline the transformational role urban planners have played, and can play going forward, in ensuring healthy environments for all.    


Richard J. Jackson, MD

Professor emeritus, UCLA
Former Director, CDC
National Center for Environmental Health

Lois M. Takahashi, PhD

Houston I. Flournoy

Professor of State Government
Director, USC Price School in Sacramento

Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021

Time: from 10:00 to 1:00 Pacific Time.

This will fill up quickly. You can register at this link.


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