October 14, 2020

Free Webinar~Conscious City Toronto on DIALOG’s Wellbeing Framework

There’s  a lot of content in free webinars and some real opportunities to learn more about emerging areas of planning. The Centre for Conscious Design has an impressive list of fellows including neuroscientist Dr. Robin Muzumder. 

They also have an ambitious set of free webinars straddling many of the major cities across the globe. Here is the chance to hear from practitioners in other places, as well as our own cities.

You can take a look at three upcoming webinars on Conscious City’s Toronto link. From October 19th to the 23rd they are hosting a “Shaping the Equitable City” event. One webinar is “Harnessing Change”.

How can evidence-based design be used to strengthen the wellbeing of entire communities?
Communities from coast to coast have been using DIALOG’s Community Wellbeing Framework to guide conversations on meaningfully improving their wellbeing–through the design of a park, the planning of a neighbourhood, or the construction of a building. Geared to grassroots organizers, designers and place-makers of all capacities, this workshop equips participants with the tools to facilitate design processes for wellbeing in their own communities.

Presenter: Antonio Gómez-Palacio Principal, Planning & Urban Design
Antonio’s professional experience and research focuses on the intersection of architecture, planning, and urban design. An informative and engaging speaker, he’s internationally recognized for transforming cities into vibrant urban places that respond to their social, economic, and environmental contexts. Antonio has worked on a wide range of projects focused on urban intensification, master planning, mixed-use, transit, heritage, economic development, and sustainability. His project work includes light-rail transit (LRT) projects for Mississauga, Brampton, and Edmonton, downtown plans for Halifax and Regina, and campus plans for Seneca College and Laurentian University.

Date: Thursday October 22, 2020

Time: 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Click on this link for further information.

Images: ConsciousCity,ActiveHouseSymposium

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