November 5, 2018

Vancouver is not a white city

In some commentary about our new council, ‘Vancouver’ has been referenced as though it was a dominantly white city – and hence the presumption of an underlying racism reflected in the complexion of council, where all but one member is white.  That reminded me to repost an item Price Tags ran in May:

More than ever, facts matter – and the conclusions that follow from them.  If much of the electorate is presumed to vote on the basis of race, then why did not people of colour who comprise the majority, whether in Vancouver or Richmond, not do so in numbers that could have resulted in greater diversity?  Were there other factors that motivated them?  And does that justify interventions in how we vote or structure council sufficient to achieve some greater good based on identity?

Talking about race and ethnicity can be like treading across a field of land mines.  Emotions flare quickly, and damage can be done.  Civility, it seems, is as necessary as a willingness to confront our failures: a willingness to get along.

We’re the civitas.  We’re all in this together.

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  1. Thanks for the post Gordon…one of the things I notice when I travel is I find myself in Chicago, New York, LA, an American ”Hub” airport looking for my gate for my flight to Vancouver and folks, you have to notice..yup there’s the gate…lots of people from different cultures and of course, many folks of Asian heritage and other cultures and fresh, healthy folks (sandals, shorts…) of all cultures waiting for my flight…I love living here, I love finding the gate and knowing…yup these people live where I do…cheers…Michael

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