October 12, 2018

The Meta-Slate — 2018 Vancouver Civic Election

Everyone’s doing it. Choosing a slate of candidates for the October 20 civic election in Vancouver.

But, but, so many choices — even choices of other people’s choices.  What’s a poor voter to do?

Never fear.  The hive mind has come to the rescue.

Below is a heroic effort by Christopher Porter to aggregate slates into a meta-slate. He’s not only gathered up lots of them (27 as of time of writing); he’s done a tabulation and added up the scores, with colour coding to signal scores’ thresholds.  Fantastic work.

The spreadsheet is HERE on Google docs.

The highest aggregate ranked candidates are  (drum poll please):

Mayor:  Shauna Sylvester   10


  • Brandon Yan    21
  • Sarah Blyth    19
  • Christine Boyle   18
  • Derrick O’Keefe  18
  • Pete Fry   17
  • Jean Swanson   16
  • Adrian Crook   14
  • Heather Deal   13
  • Tanya Paz   13
  • Adrianne Carr   12
  • Wild Card:  Michael Weibe   11

These names are getting familiar.

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