July 10, 2018

Clearer Civic Election Vision

We now have a much clearer idea which candidates will be in the race for City of Vancouver leadership during the October 2018 election.

Vision Vancouver, the dominant civic political party for the past decade, nominated 5 people for council, 2 for Park Board and 3 for School Board.

Vision Vancouver Council Candidates

  • Heather Deal (incumbent)
  • Wei Qiao Zhang
  • Catherine Evans (moving up from Park Board)
  • Tanya Paz
  • Diego Cardona

Vision seems to be living up to its agreement with the Vancouver District Labour Council, and the other lefty-ish civic parties, by limiting its number of candidates to match the negotiated quotas (intended to limit vote-splitting).  In fact, Vision is running one fewer for Park Board (2) than their quota (3). This is unlike the Greens, who are running 4 candidates for council, when their quota appears to have been 3; and COPE is running 3, when their quota was 2 or maybe it was 3, or something.

And oh, by the way, Nicholas Chernen is out.  The Greens have evidently had second thoughts — something to do with muscle cars, disclosures and lawsuits. (With thanks to Dan Fumano @fumano)

Hopefully, now, we’ve passed the “Here’s who we are; how do you like us so far” stage, and are about to move into the “issues and platforms” stage.

But I’m really waiting for mid-September in breathless anticipation of the “stunts, snark, howlers, clangers and bloopers” stage.  A wonderful time for bloggers, wonks and all media people.

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