June 20, 2018

Who Likes Vancouver’s Arbutus Greenway Plans?

Who likes Vancouver’s plans for the Arbutus Greenway? A lot of people, it seems.  Including me, it must be said.

The City of Vancouver released this 40-page Consultation Summary Report on public responses to their spring 2018 proposed design concept.

I count 2,015 people who commented via the usual methods: online survey, Open House events (4), Advisory Committee meetings (5), and Stakeholder meetings (ongoing).

You can review my thoughts on the Greenway’s proposed design concept here; a snapshot of the results follows.

Overall, the results are pretty clear: people who “really like it”, or “like it” comprise roughly 70-75% of the total.

People like the proposed design

I’m in the “really like it” group. Transportation, destinations and connections work for me as design elements, and earned my applause. My major concerns at this stage are strength and accessibility of all ages and abilities (AAA) connections south to the Canada Line Bridge, and north to the Seaside Greenway, Granville Island and Burrard Bridge.

I also really like the idea of a streetcar along the Greenway — but likely I won’t be around to ride it.

A demographic description of the participants providing comment is on page 37 of the Consultation Summary Report. (The first misanthropic commenter to claim that they’re all a bunch of stinkin’ bike people will reap well-deserved and fetid heaps o’ scorn.)

The next steps for the Greenway are:

  • Proposed Design to Council: Summer 2018
  • Master Plan: Early 2019
  • Phase 1 Detailed Design & Construction (next Capital Plan)

I note that the City of Vancouver’s draft 2019-2022 Capital Plan includes $5M for the first phase of the Arbutus Greenway (page 51).

The Arbutus Greenway project is like a ship sailing steadily forward, bringing treasure to everyone who visits Vancouver, or calls it home.

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  1. That espression; “Cycling is the new Golf” has been around for years. You too, can ride a Gran Fondo, and listen to doctors joke about operating with a hangover all the way to Whistler!

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