June 7, 2018

Vision Vancouver Acclaims Mayoral Candidate…and the Gloves are Off

It’s official now, but not much of a surprise — Ian Campbell will be the Vision candidate for Mayor of Vancouver in the October civic election. (With thanks to Justin McElroy).

See below for backgrounders and Vision’s opening pot shots in the campaign. Buckle up, everyone, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Vision’s announcement leaves only a wee bit of confusion to resolve. Bremner and the Density Bros (let’s Party!); Adriane Carr; and Independents Kennedy Stewart and Shauna Sylvester. [Hint:  don’t give up your day jobs just yet].

Vision’s quota of Council, Park Board and School Board candidates will be elected by the party on July 8. No word on when or how the NPA will choose their candidates, but apparently their tradition is to appoint them.

An introduction to Mr. Campbell, in the video below, and a backgrounder from BC Business in 2016, where Mr. Campbell comes across as a deep and broad thinker.  A rarity in civic politics:

We have to answer the question: Do we want to stay under the Indian Act, or do we want to play in the big leagues? We live in a sea of development, with thousands of buildings in our territory where we are the new entrants in our own lands. As we step into land management and development, it’s critical for us to articulate that vision to our young people so that they see the real opportunities as they transition into leadership— the role or responsibility that they have to contribute to the collective wellbeing. It’s an exciting era, and our parents and grandparents didn’t get that. It’s taken generations to get to where we are today.


Neither is it a surprise that Vision has already begun campaigning in earnest with a spirited attempt to put the NPA and its Mayoral candidate into a convenient box of negativity.

‘The NPA has chosen to run Ken Sim in the fall election,’ said [Vision Vancouver Co-Chair Michael] Haack. ‘But Sim’s non-existent record on tackling the key challenges facing our city – and his choice to run with a party that has failed to support critical action on housing, the opioid crisis and more, year after year – tells us everything we need to know going into October. It’s the same NPA we’ve come to expect, with the same billionaire backers who want to make sure big money stays in politics.

There is a reason no one’s heard of Ken Sim. Mr. Sim has no experience in public service, and no record of putting anyone but himself first. The one thing we do know: he has made it clear he will not stand up for Vancouver, or for protecting our coast and the jobs that depend on our environment.’

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  1. Way too many possible conflicts of interests to convince me to vote for him. Shame Adrienne Carr doesn’t seem to want the job, guess I’ll vote for Mr. Peanut.

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