June 1, 2018

Vancouver’s Granville Bridge Ramps

Yesterday’s Globe and Mail carried an advert from the City of Vancouver (see below), looking for people who’d like to lease some downtown land.

According to VanMap, “X” marks the spots, currently the location of on- and off-ramps for the Granville Street Bridge. These offerings acknowledge, no doubt, the vast underutilization of this freeway-that-never-was.

And the greater opportunity for the land now stranded by the ramps.

Called the “Granville Loops”, the city-owned land is ready for deals (pending an $18M demolition project).

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  1. Note the “Proposed NEU” under the bridge.
    I guess the Central Heat (now Creative Energy ) steam pipes don’t extend this far?
    Though I think all of Concord Pacific (Beach neighbourhood is only a couple blocks away) is heated using the Central Heat steam pipes.

  2. COV should keep enough land for 2 lanes in both directions to access both seymour & howe streets —- The so called granville mall could l be areal mall

  3. What is the usage of these loops ie how many cars/day?

    What would be the impact if the loops were removed ie traffic would go where ?

    Since False Creek is not an industrial harbour anymore, but a residential & recreational area mainly now, a complete removal of this bridge ought to be considered. Instead a new one coudl be installed, for bikes and peds only, far far lower allowing motorboats to pass below but not sailboats unless they lower their masts which is easily doable with existing technology.

    Where is this in the 2050 MetroVan vision ?