May 3, 2018

Ohrn Image — Former Speedway With Kidlet

Vancouver’s Point Grey Road on a Sunday afternoon in April. Where 6,000 – 10,000 motor vehicles once dominated most days, children now ride safely on a busy and spectacular Greenway. And the experience for everyone is terrific. Car-mageddon indeed.

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  1. Great shot Ken
    This picture shows what is missing at Kits Park.
    But, wait for it,…..“paving paradise”……”bicycle highway”……”spandex clad speedsters”

    1. I have noticed a huge growth of “spandex clad speedsters” on our seawall routes lately. Maybe it will taper off as the seawall becomes more crowded with slower recreational riders in the improving weather. But right now they are often aggressive and riding way way too fast. It appears to be a dynamic slalom course for them, using other cyclists as a challenge in the course.
      In that respect the Kits Beach people do have at least a point.
      The seawall was designed with lots of sharp bends – I assume to reduce speed and discourage this behaviour but it doesn’t appear to be enough.
      I have a radical proposal and it’s only a little bit tongue-in-cheek: Ban helmets in the park and on the seawall for anybody over 16.

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