April 18, 2018

A Strong 6ix — Pushing for Change on Toronto's City Council

There’s an interesting movement happening in Toronto, where a small group of millennials is determined to change municipal politics by providing information, engagement, and a platform to learn about and discuss the issues.
Using social media and meme-worthy snippets about politics and participation, the group, which its members call “A Strong 6ix”, is providing a guide to involvement.
A Strong 6ix has a Facebook page, and have produced a video on what they call ‘electile dysfunction’ (featured below).
Last month, they were interviewed by the Toronto Star, group representative Kasey Dunn stated, “it’s not voter apathy or disinterest or laziness that keeps young people from engaging in politics, but the way politics is framed that really leaves a lot of people out and tells a lot of people this isn’t for you, don’t even bother paying attention, you’re not really wanted here.”
Youth engagement group Apathy Is Boring says millennials get turned off electoral politics “if they perceive politicians giving off a tokenistic or transactional vibe.”
In 2017, a survey conducted by the organization asked Canadian millennials what keeps them away from the ballot box. “Fifteen per cent of respondents said they didn’t vote in the last federal election because they didn’t like or trust the candidate, 11 per cent said they had no interest, nine per cent said they were uninformed, eight per cent thought their vote wouldn’t matter, and 17 per cent said they didn’t have time. The rest said they were either out of town, sick, didn’t get a voter information card, couldn’t get a ride, couldn’t make up their mind, or just forgot.”
A Strong 6ix aims to change that in the upcoming Toronto municipal elections.  Take a look at their video available on their  twitter account.

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