April 6, 2018

Candidate for Mayor~Brette Mullins

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From Brette’s platform~Running under the “Your Political Party” banner,  Brette holds a degree in business, certification financial, project management and works for PHSA (Provincial Health Services Authority) as a Project Manager and Business Analyst. His passion is to work for the people, so the natural step in his career is to work for Vancouverites and support the gap between the people and the government.
Brette’s commitment to the people of Vancouver if elected:

  1. Donate $60,000 every year in office to Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP) to help fund food for Vancouver’s homeless
  2. Be accountable for any failure and accredit all accomplishments to the public
  3. Accept zero donations or any influential funding
  4. Host community meetings once a week at City Hall and available online for open discussion about current policies
  5. Turn the mayor’s office from a secured, locked room to a kid friendly space to accommodate speakers with children
  6. Simply do the right thing

You can read more about the platform of Your Political Party on Housing, the Opiod Crisis, Community and Environment here.
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