January 18, 2018

The London Underground Salaries Map

The London Underground map was drawn by draftsman Henry Beck in 1931. Mr. Beck was working as an engineering draftsman in the London Underground Signals Office and drew up the iconic map in his spare time. He was 29 years of age when he produced the map that is instantly recognizable and has been in use for almost ninety years.
Londoners have a strong attachment to their underground and to their “tube” line. As reported in the Indy 100  Adzuna.com, a job search engine, came up with the idea of pinning salaries within a quarter-mile of  tube stations and depicting those on the tube map.
As Adzuna co-founder Doug Monro states “Londoners love to argue about whose tube line is the best, and in terms of pay the Waterloo & City Line takes top place in the commuting charts, with the Circle and Central Lines following close behind. Meanwhile, Victoria Line commuters may boast of frequent tubes and a speedy service, but this research conclusively shows jobs located along the Victoria Line route offer the lowest pay, proving the Victoria Line is not where the money is.” 
Salaries also decrease the  further a person travels outside the central core. But at the locations close to the Barbican, Monument, Bank, Cannon Street and St. Paul’s  salaries were over 50,000  British Pounds which is close to $86,000 Canadian dollars. Adzuna also created a map by tube line colour showing the average advertised salary available within a quarter-mile of each subway line’s tube stops. That graph is below.

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