December 28, 2017

Job Jar~Gehl Institute Seeks Interns in New York City

Jan Gehl is one of the founding voices about designing cities around people, and creating safe comfortable cities from the perspective of walkers and bikers. The people who work with Jan are pretty interesting too, and I count the time I spent in New York City with  Gehl’s architectural partner Camilla van Deurs as one of the most creative and productive on how to create walkable places. Now you can too can work with the Gehl office in New York City.
Wanted! Interns in New York
Gehl is a global leader in people centered urban design. We have offices in Copenhagen, New York City and San Francisco. Our US offices are focused on design and implementation of high quality, ‘people first’ urban environments throughout North and South America. We are a dynamic and talented team that includes architects, landscape architects, urban designers, sociologists, planners, researchers and practitioners. We welcome interns who are recent graduates or completing their final year in programs in Design, Social Science, or other relevant fields to ‘Making Cities for People.’ Our New York team is seeking an intern for this winter term.
And here’s the good news~the Gehl Institute will work with you to get the requisite work visas for the United States if needed.
You can find out more about this opportunity here.

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  2. Sounds like a dream job. And occasionally rubbing shoulders with the world’s pre-eminent urbanist? Priceless. This position will garner a tremendous amount of worldwide interest.