October 11, 2017

Daily Scot – Westside Infill

Continuing on the small scale infill theme (see previous posts in the series here and here) we travel to the Westside of Vancouver where the Airey Groups Bishop Kerrisdale development makes the most of an unusual narrow sliver of land.
Site Plan
2017-09-22 13.02.24
The project mixes residential rowhomes with a classic brick clad retail space located on a unique wedge shape lot addressing the street with excellent scale and proportion.
2017-09-22 13.05.07
I had to check that this wasn’t an existing heritage structure as its seems most new developments bypass traditional materials and look in favour of more contemporary elements when designing commercial space.
2017-09-22 13.04.12
It all works and compliments the neighbourhood node of small scale shops across the street.  Development is located on W 57th Ave & East Blvd across from Choices Supermarket.

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  1. A great fit. It appears to be residential over storefront retail. The Arbutus Corridor through Kerrisdale offers unique urban design possibilities based on its already strong heritage.
    I’m not sure about the “rowhouse” development behind. True rowhouses should have a small vertical separation between the units (can be buried between walls); that is, no shared load-bearing party walls, and only fee simple ownership. Otherwise they will be strata titled which to much of the market demand out there can be very problematic when it comes time for repairs or significant policy changes. All it takes is one leaky condo or clashing co-op management experience to turn one off to anything less than 100% freedom from controlling neighbours and having to spend your life savings on repairs of other people’s units.

  2. There’s a bit of a disjuncture between the rowhouses and the commercial building.
    I think it maybe have worked better if the commercial building were also clad in wood (or if the row houses were of a different style that could incorporate some brick).

  3. Yeah, it’s pleasant to look at. I like it.
    If it was up to me I’d open a coffee shop and put in a little patio outside under that awning.

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