September 14, 2017

Another day,Another document,Another Diatribe from the Liberals over Massey Bridge

You can feel the desperation of the Liberal party in this latest incident-someone in the defeated Liberal provincial party came up with  a crumpled document  that they are sure is from the NDP camp before the Provincial election. Even though it is not on letterhead, or has any identifying signatures or references, the opposition party has pounced on it to try to make a news story. Their story? That the NDP planned to implement the Transportation Plan as approved by the Mayors’ Council  which does not include the Massey Bridge.
This of course gives the rookie Delta MLA (who has also not given up his Councillor job in Delta) the chance to rail on about congestion in the tunnel and all those folks inconvenienced by using the tunnel, which of course is all the fault of a new government. The multi billion dollar cost of this proposed bridge is more than the cost of NASA’s Cassini project, which is now sending its last photos from space.
And as the Delta Optimist observed, “The document does not appear to be official, nor confirmed party policy. However, that didn’t stop the Liberals from accusing the government of quietly planning to kill the $3.5 billion project right off the bat despite assurances from Transportation Minister Claire Trevena”.
And the rookie MLA doing the dual job as Delta councillor continues the same rant against any reasonable evaluation of the bridge, and has not demonstrated any ability to work towards the mutual interests of the region, as expressed by the Transportation Plan approved by the metro Mayors’ Council. If anything instead of getting a reasoned rationale approach to working towards mutual interests, this MLA is distancing Delta from the rest of the region in his dual roles.
Expect to see more of this posturing, so reminiscent of the way the last Provincial government treated Metro Vancouver. Here’s to a more rationale, interest based approach that would be helpful to explore the issues and ensure that transportation concerns for the Delta part of the region are addressed.


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  2. -deleted as per editorial policy-
    The daily congestion by the thousands that have to travel through the aged and getting older tunnel will be noted by all stuck in gridlock and they will be reminded and will remember that if they miss their flight or miss their ferry that it is the NDP that is keeping them from their families, or giving them stress.
    They will remember.

    1. LOL! Metro Vancouverites have already remembered how they were treated, and the result was a near-wipe out in the Big City …. of the Christy Clark Libs.
      Population of the Metro vs the population of South Surrey, Tsawwassen, Ladner and White Rock combined: 2,225,000 vs 151,000.
      Local government objection vs local government support of the big bridge: 20:1.

  3. Correction: Population of the Metro after the population of South Surrey, Tsawwassen, Ladner and White Rock has been deducted: 2.25 million.

  4. No lie is too big for vote buying or convincing voters. A technique employed by either party. Some Vision councillors, for example, pretend that a vote for them will improve housing affordability in Vancouver. So why is the Delta councillor’s lie so noteworthy then ?
    Obviously this bottleneck needs removal – fast ! Any new bridge or dial tunnel will do, rather than doing nothing.
    As a reminder: this is a growing region, within a growing nation where most of the export/import of an entire nation’s trading with Asia ( also growing btw ) goes through. The tunnel is over 50 years old. Lionsgate bridge, btw, over 80 years. Time to refresh our aging infrastructure. Fast. Toll it. Why is this even debated ?

    1. This is a growing region. But it is up to us where it grows. Delta farmland is not the place. Transportation infrastructure should be focused on where we want growth, not where people have sprawled to cheap land with the hope that we all fix their problem.

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