April 18, 2017

Recent Developments 10: The Densest Neighbourhood

More density in the densest neighbourhood in Vancouver.  Guess where.

If you look closely, there’s a clue.

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  1. Wall Centre at Central Park: There used to be just a dozen houses here – now this. Meanwhile, minutes away, around 29th and Nanaimo stations they’re still building single-detached and rinky-dink townhouses. It makes no sense. This is not highest best use – a waste of land and human capital.

    1. As per usual the CoV’s land use planning is slow to react.
      I can’t help but think the only reason why Joyce got off the ground is because the developments on the other side of Boundary set the precedent for the area. BC Tel built the first tall building in the area right on Boundary for a reason…

    2. Not really – it was because Joyce was previously occupied by light industrial warehouses – and the neighbours didn’t really object to the replacement of light industrial “blight” with high density residential.
      It’s “opportunistic redevelopment” – densification on historically consolidated parcels that don’t require the assembly (and displacement) of single family homes that would be liable to upset the NIMBYs.
      It’s present elsewhere in Vancouver at the oddest locations – just look for a former Safeway or motel site.

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