August 2, 2016

Mobi: Colour and Texture

A Tweet from Brent Toderian:
I think our new stations add colour & texture to some drab corners, like this 1 on our block
Mobi colour
Another view of the same street, by Ken Ohrn:

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  1. I have my first Mobi story:
    On Saturday night after watching the fireworks from my apartment on Broadway I offered to drive my brother and sister-in-law back to their hotel in the West End. Getting there was easy, but as soon as I turned around on W Georgia traffic was at a standstill.
    (I should have seen this coming, obviously, but in my defense I’m a moron)
    So I sat in my car on W Georgia for 30 minutes and moved about 2 blocks. Lucky for me I’d taken an Evo so I was able to pull onto a side street, end my Evo rental, walk a block to a Mobi station and grab a bike.
    It ended up being one of the most fun rides I’ve had in a while, blowing past the gridlocked traffic on Burrard on that silly looking bike with a big grin on my face. I was home in 20 minutes, it would easily have been an hour if I’d stayed in my car.