June 8, 2016

Daily Scot – Street Art

If you haven’t already, check out the great street art on Beatty Street between Dunsmuir and Georgia.  In portions of the wall the Ivy drapes down from above like a curtain framing the artist’s work.

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  1. William Whyte once said (paraphrasing here), The greatest enemy to the city is a blank wall. Jan Gehl, Ken Greenberg and others confirm this observation in their later writings.

    With these and the other delightful images of murals posted by Ken Orhn, that statement is quite well countered.

    Today one could justifiably say the greatest enemy to the city is the car. There is such an abundance of evidence that it has become invisible, like the proverbial forest hidden by the trees.

  2. There’s a great talk by urban planner Jeff Speck on Ted: the Walkable City; and an even more inspiring one by former mayor of Bogota – Enrique Penalosa, on transportation. There’s a great segment there showing cars on garbage roads while bicycles and buses speed along on quality pavement.

    We realize more and more the idiocy of private vehicle use, but change: “it don’t come easy.” There was a time that tv ads showed doctors smoking and billboards promoted cigarettes. Now that’s illegal. The same should be done for vehicle advertising.

    A real issue with private vehicle use is that it’s not metered, like taxis, or Car-to-Go. We use our 23 year old car only 1,000 kms/ year, but pay the same insurance as someone driving 25,000 kms.

    If car use was always metered, the motoring mentality would change. The motorists will squack – man will they squack, but it would work.

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