June 3, 2016

Mobi’s Rolling

Do you travel around Vancouver? Well, you’re about to get another option.  News from Mobi is that founding members like me will have access to some early bike installs in mid-June. There’s no launch date yet for big Mobi, other than “summer”. But it’s rolling.

Mobi’s people are in the middle of station location decisions based on over 6,000 suggestions from the public, and some guidelines of their own, based on experience from other bike share cities.

And a few sponsorship options may be available.  Hello, all that money out there, are you listening?  Make yourself cool in a very short time.


Lucy Lau gives us a short course on bike-share in the Straight. And, she uses the delicious word “portmanteau” to describe “Mobi”, which  is a combo of the two words “more” & “bikes”, or is it “mobility” & “bicycle”. Feh — either way it works fine for me.

She compares Mobi to Evo and Car2Go in that once you have a membership, you pick up a bike, head to your destination, then dock it and walk away. It’s a one-way and done deal.


Mia Kohout, GM, Vancouver Bike Share, Inc.  (“Mobi”)

New to Cycling:  For Mobi newbies, here’s a suggestion via Dominika Lirette at Vancouver Magazine:

Bike Education

Vancouver Bike Share Inc. is partnering with HUB Cycling to provide bike education and road safety classes at a low cost. “They’re a cycling advocacy organization in Metro Vancouver, and they offer fantastic education programs where they do different levels of training,” Kohout says. “There are 100,000 Car2Go members in town, and I’d love to see 100,000 bike share users as well.”


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