June 2, 2016

Let’s Talk About the Cambie Corridor

City of Vancouver staff want to show off their ideas and get your thoughts during Phase 3 of the Cambie Corridor planning program.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

11 am to 3 pm

Oakridge Auditorium

Lots to talk about, including Canada Line station rezoning, ground-oriented and family housing, public spaces, transportation (generally) and major sites.

More info HERE.  And it’s a big area, with lots to discuss.



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    1. I have Ukrainian relatives who live in a townhouse near Oakridge. They are planning on retiring there in one of the senior’s complexes. Beijing is 8,500 km away.

      Perhaps you’d be happier to move to Vancouver Island and have a fleet of tugs tow it 1,000 km out to sea, and remove all landing strips and docks. Less onerous, just lock your door, turn off the light and pull the duvet over your head.

  1. The redevelopment of the Oakridge Centre was curtailed, now we hear rumours that the whole shebang is up for sale. A river runs through it, or something.

    The Caisse owns Oakridge and they did just sell the Bentall towers to Anbang Insurance of Beijing.

    Worth asking those with badges who call themselves; “Subject matter experts”. What an honour to meet one of them. The City says that, “Subject matter experts will be available to talk about these topics and their role in the Corridor.”

    Someone should also ask them why the extension of the Marine Gateway south to Kent is not on their map. The plans are all prepared. Are they just towers?

    1. Maybe you should have been there to charm them with your wit rather than chirp from the internet sidelines?

      The open house was well attended although stunk like popcorn. Cute idea, nauseating impact.

      Nothing too surprising, a few changes from previous iterations but generally make sense.

    2. Struck me as very strange that Ivanhoe Cambridge didn’t do their due diligence on 2 essential items they are using to justify the downsizing:

      – Geotechnical reports of the land under the mall. If you’re planning to dig down 4 storeys, can you? Little Mountain is nearby – could also have been granite down there.

      – Consent from Hudson’s Bay to moving its store to a different location and/or negotiation of a new lease.

      i.e. would that have required termination of the old Woodward’s lease covering both Hudson’s Bay and the former Zellers (assuming HBC was to sublease to Target),
      That makes me think HBC will open a Saks 5th Ave. in the former Zellers (avoiding Holts and Nordstrom downtown).

      Termination of the old lease may have meant that HBC would have had to pay current market rents for both a new Hudson’s Bay and a new Saks space at Oakridge.
      Smart move to minimize costs and open a Saks 5th Ave in the former Zellers at old rates.

  2. One glaring omission from the map above is density connecting Oak to Cambie along 49th Ave., as there is along King Edward and 41st Avenues.

  3. I’m not attending the open house. Can someone ask about expected pricing? The current rates are almost $1000/sqft. Most families cannot afford that. A 3bdrm would be over $1,000,000.

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