April 14, 2016

Possibilities: Downtown as it might have been

Andy Coupland sends in some images of proposed development projects.  Here’s a proposal for the North Shore of False Cree, with what also looks to be the proposed provincial tower at what is now Robson Square.
1960s Redevelopment scheme 1970 Pricetags


And another image for what now appears to be Pacific Centre.

VANCOUVER, BC: MARCH 29, 2012 - Copy shots of a 1965 booklet for a plan for downtown Vancouver on Thursday, March 29,March, 2012. The drawing of the hockey arena, the drawing of Georgia and Granville, the drawing of Granville with a bridge on Georgia, and the plan showing where everything was to be located. (Les Bazso,PostMedia) (see John Mackie story)

VANCOUVER, BC:  Copy shots of a 1965 booklet for a plan for downtown Vancouver.

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  1. The proposed provincial government tower, at 55 storeys (I believe), was nicknamed the “Bennettscraper” by some. The Vancouver Sun published a picture of the area with a black tower superimposed over the existing structures. Rather cheekily, the paper extended the black tower, out of the modified photograph, and up to the top of the page.

  2. This sort of thing would have been great to see in “Your Future Home: Creating the New Vancouver” exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver. There is a great history of the future of Vancouver that most Vancouverites have never seen. It might give us all a better perspective on the changes that are happening now and understanding how our vision has been sculpted over time.

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