September 29, 2015

Ohrn Images: A Brightened Day

Two things brightened my day today.

First:  I rode past the Vancouver General Hospital on 10th Avenue, and noticed the lovely monument to Rick Hansen.  I’ve seen it many times before, but always in progress, with a surround of warning tape.  But today I came upon it finished for the first time.  I like it when we acknowledge our inspirational heroes, and I really like sculpture.  And who better personifies heroic grit, persistence and spirit than Mr. Hansen. It’s a good piece of work because, in Mr. Hansen’s face, I imagine that I can see determination and pain, which must have accompanied him in his travels.


O Hanson


Oddly, there is no attribution on site.
Second:  Before that, I found myself at Pender and Abbott, on my way to a bakery, hoping to find the elusive and delicious coconut cream bun. I was delighted and surprised to find this spectacular new mural — composed of what appears to be some 200+ photo-based paintings of people jumping. Simple, happy and goofy.  Right up my alley. If you look carefully, you can see at least two bikes in backgrounds.


O Jump


It is truly a monumental project, that demands your physical presence, and a big chunk of your finest attention. It rewards you with a great big smile and a happy heart.
The project is the work of Eyoalha Baker, called the “Wall of Joy Mural”, part of the “Jump For Joy Photo Project”.  This artist has a plethora of social media handles:  @eyoalha, @jumpforjoyphoto, and more.  The attribution includes what appears to be the names of all the jumpers, including “Mom”, Gregor Robertson, the artist, Kevin Quinlan and Jay DeMerit.

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