September 8, 2015

The Daily Scot: Car+Bike-to-Go in PDX

Scot is jealous:


I’m jealous, Car-2-Go in Portland is equipped with a bike rack for 2 helping boost your travel options.


PDX car


Why not here in Vancouver considering we are about to become the largest Car-2-Go fleet in the world?

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    1. Indeed, however Evo have to be returned to the same starting point versus Car 2 Go where you can drop off anywhere within the zone.

          1. Evo doesn’t have issues w the union – BCAA roadside assistance does. Big difference. Be honest.

            Also: It’s a bit offside for the union to ask that the public not use BCAA or Evo without also telling us why they are in a dispute. If they want it private, fine, but they can’t have it both ways.

            I’m going to continue to use Evo because it is, by far, the best car share in the Vancouver market.

  1. Problem solved already. Use Evo. Waaaaaaaay better cars and they come equipped with bike and ski racks. They can seat 5. They can take more than 1 bag of groceries. They don’t have an absolutely gutless, lurchy transmission like Car2Go’s do. Etc.

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