September 3, 2015


Via Charles Marohn:

Last week Gracen Johnson introduced us to the idea of places-I-don’t-want-to-sit. The idea resonates; check out the hashtag #PlacesIDontWantToSit.



This week, Gracen released a beautiful video showing how to make places I DO want to sit: Making Places Where I Want to Sit by Gracen Johnson

A simple, incremental test to demonstrate a powerful idea.

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  1. Maybe it’s a really long crosswalk signal?

    Is that in a left-side driving country?
    Strange lane configuration.
    i.e. one way street meeting a 2-way street in a left-side driving country?

  2. PS – looking at a few of the pics, I think it would be useful to ask “is this a place where it may be handy to rest?”
    (as opposed to “a place where I’d like to ‘lounge'”, which is the inference asked by the initial question)

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