May 13, 2015

Funny Videos from L.A.

For Bike to Work Month.  Says Ohrn: “With many wholesome grains of truth for mental nutrition.”



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  1. Awesome videos. Not sure though how a change of clothes replaces not having a shower, been around many sweaty bike riding employees who develop BO by 3pm.

  2. They’ve very quick, one note, skits.

    I take issue though with the co-workers telling the guy, “You should ride your bike to work”. What business of theirs is it anyway?
    I often biked to work and never once suggested it for others and most of the time didn’t even talk about it, yet somehow, some others felt there was some sort of pressure from me for them to. I didn’t even clue in that’s what was going on. I recognized it as them projecting something on me though.
    Drivers are hard to understand sometimes.

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