“We’ve gotten it all wrong, by providing free housing for cars and very expensive housing for people.”

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  1. yup, that is very true.

    Why is a parking lot in Point Grey (for example) on a road you do not own free ? Driving (and parking) is indeed far too cheap in Vancouver. Of course, the alternative to get around, namely RAPID transit is amiss.

    With land cost in Point Grey (as an example) at $2M for a 6000 sq ft (50 x 120) lot or $333/sq ft a parking stall of roughly 6 x 20 feet is worth about $40,000. Using 5% as an annual rent or $2000 I arrive at a minimum $200/month for a parking permit, not $100/year !

    Cheaper further out. So, tax parking on streets at value and a few hundred million can be collected across MetroVan. THAT would actually reduce congestion somewhat as far more folks would demand more transit as they drop their cars by the tens of thousands !

    Of course the biggest savings, pension reform and no more free pensions as part of your wage for the 10s of thousands of civil servants or TransLink employees would save even more in a $5B+ budget in MetroVan.

    As such $500M a year can easily be found in MetroVan with enough political will.

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