February 2, 2015

Referendum: MLA Response – Shane Simpson

Price Tags is asking every MLA in Metro Vancouver questions about the referendum.


Shane Simpson, NDP MLA for Vancouver Hastings:


How will you advise your constituents to vote on the Transportation & Transit Referendum?

I will be voting Yes and will be encouraging my constituents to vote Yes as well.


What is the priority in the Mayors package (if any) for your riding?

The priority needs to be the comprehensive nature of the plan. One-off projects have value, but it is much more critical to implement a plan that deals with the complex nature of concerns about congestion and its related challenges.


How do you plan to participate in the referendum campaign?

I will be taking any opportunities that present themselves to speak out in favour of a Yes vote. I am also using my networks and tools such as my website and community newsletter to inform people of the issues and encourage them to support transit in Metro Vancouver.


Any other comments?

I am disappointed that this referendum is occurring at all. I believe transit is a provincial responsibility that the premier and the government have avoided showing leadership on through this scheme. People are elected to lead, and the premier and mayors should have come together to determine a direction through consultation, then moved forward with their plans.

While I appreciate the concerns many have raised about TransLink, those I believe can and should be addressed. We need to come to terms with the complex issues around transit and transportation for our region, and these are larger and more compelling than the entity that delivers those programs. I worry that failure in the referendum will set back discussions and progress on this issue for years.


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