January 12, 2015

Ohrn Images: It’s a Wrap

Scene off the Burrard Street bridge. Permanent colour, impermanent colour and non-coloured sky.


Ohrn wrap

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  1. There must be better solutions than wrapping up an ENTIRE building for months. Has someone studied the health impact on residents being forced to live in this temporary hell ? How about a contraption that is two floors or so tall and move up ( or down) a building until the job is done ?

    BC’s building and strata code is still far too rigged for builders with little recourse for condo owners in case of major deficiencies that take years to discover and even more years to resolve.

    1. Vancouver has always rigged the game against citizens in favor of developers. In the Sixties it was sold as “progress” and now it’s being sold as “green”.

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