September 24, 2014

Data for the Bleeding Obvious

Further to the post below, our Canmore correspondent, Shayla Roberts, sent in this – stuff we know because it’s so obvious but it’s always better to have the data.


Keep calm

Researchers in the U.K. studied more than 18 years of data, on more than 18,000 commuters, ages 18-65 and the consensus was those walking or riding to work improved their psychological well-being.
In other words they reported less stress, were able to concentrate better, were able to cope with problems better and generally felt happier than those driving to work. Even commuters that took transit were happier than those that drove to work. The researchers also included other factors that could have an effect happiness including income, children and relationships and the results showed that riding or walking improves your mental health.
This doesn’t even include the benefits to your physical health and fitness.
Researchers in the U.S. have shown that 1100 lives per year, or 7 billion USD, could be saved by the increased physical fitness and the decreased air pollution if 50% of short car trips were replaced by riding a bike during the 6 warmest months of the year.

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