September 11, 2014

Carbon Talks Panel: Divesting? – Sep 26

Divest: Smart Strategy or Selling Out?

Recent divest campaigns have attracted widespread attention as a number of prominent cities, foundations, religious institutions, and universities have pledged to sell off their fossil fuel assets. Currently, the City of Vancouver, Simon Fraser University, and other groups are considering divestment, but is it a smart investment strategy or an effective climate action?
Proponents cite the success of divest campaigns in moving South Africa away from apartheid in the 1980s, tout the moral responsibility of climate action, and decry the financial risks of owning fossil fuel assets in an increasingly carbon constrained world. Critics of the divest movement say that it’s divisive and can be counterproductive, a distraction from more effective climate action.
How should our pension, institutional, and other investment fund managers handle their ownership of fossil fuel companies? Is divestment a good strategy for climate action? How would such a shift impact citizens?
Join us for a free public dialogue.


When: Friday, September 26 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM
Where: SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Room 1700
Registration: Seating is limited, secure your free seat by registering here
Webcast: This event will be webcast live, courtesy of our partnership with the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.
Join the conversation on Twitter at #SustyBC and Tweet your questions to @CarbonTalks

  • Andrea Reimer, Councillor, City of Vancouver
  • Marc Lee, Senior Economist, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Jamie Bonham, Manager, Extractives Research & Engagement, NEI Investments


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