July 31, 2014

“Trevor Linden speaks out on bike lanes” – The Ohrn Analysis

Ken Ohrn’s analysis of the Trevor Linden interview posted below is worth highlighting:


1. Mr. Linden is extremely experienced at conducting interviews, since he’s probably been in the media spotlight since he was a teenager. Note where Mr. Sekeres tries to pull Mr. Linden into an anti-bicycle hate-fest about the usual nonsense. Mr. Linden simply refuses to answer, and instead introduces the topics of fun and health. It’s a lesson for everyone who accepts such a trip into the den of fake outrage and phony issues.

2. Mr. Linden knows that Mr. Sekeris needs him, or else his show and credibility will tank. Mr. Linden is not adverse to administering a spanking if it is necessary.

3. Mr. Linden is not afraid of his opinions, even though they may be at odds with convention. Another example — Mr. Linden does not think that fights in hockey serve to protect the game’s stars. Mr. Linden shows the same strength of character in the arena of intellect and opinion that he showed as a hockey player.

4. This is one of the first of Vancouver’s A-list public figures that I recall “coming out” in favour of bike lanes and people riding bicycles. Hopefully this will encourage others to take the same public stance.

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    1. It’s sad that Whoa Nellie had to close but their legacy of introducing us to sensible upright bikes lives on. I now see that style of bike for sale at most of the bike shops now.
      Thank you Nellie.

  1. Mr. Linden owns a variety of bikes in addition to that cruiser. I’ve seen him in person on a fancy looking road bike and seen photos of his international bike trips.