May 12, 2014

You’re not going to download this pdf …

You’re not likely to read this report, according to this report:

world bank pdf


If you did, it would be from the World Bank – here.  But you’re not likely to.

From the Washington Post Wonkblog:

The World Bank recently decided to ask an important question: Is anyone actually reading these things?

They dug into their Web site traffic data and came to the following conclusions: Nearly one-third of their PDF reports had never been downloaded, not even once. Another 40 percent of their reports had been downloaded fewer than 100 times. Only 13 percent had seen more than 250 downloads in their lifetimes.

Since most World Bank reports have a stated objective of informing public debate or government policy, this seems like a pretty lousy track record.


WP wonk


But now, maybe you are.    Here.


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  1. You can’t make this stuff up!

    Now that they’ve done a report on how no one reads the report, next they can do a report on how to market their existing reports so they actually get read.