May 9, 2014

SPUR Festival: The City in Seven Years – May 22

A festival of art, politics and ideas, Spur Vancouver occurs May 22-25.
David Beers, editor of the Tyee

This City in Seven Years: My Greenest City

Thursday, May 22 – 7 pm

SFU Woodwards


The City of Vancouver has set a bold goal for itself: to be the world’s greenest city by 2020. But while the metrics for what make a city livable -public transportation, access to quality education, cultural amenities – are easy to come by, what makes a city green is a little less clear.

Sure, the number of green jobs and bike lanes are factors, but pollution travels, so what does that mean for “city limits”? Can clean tech truly balance resource extraction? What is the role of the city as producer versus the city as consumer?

Join Spur, in partnership with SFU Public Square and The Tyee, for a talk on what it’s going to take to make Vancouver the resilient city moderated by David Beers.

(I’ll be one of the panelists.)


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    If they allow a process in one direction, they also allow its temporal mirror image. Hence the puzzle: if the laws are so even-handed, why are the phenomena themselves so one-sided

    Beliefs are fraught with ego: some times even bank accounts.

    So it is very difficult for academics to admit, or blog-meisters or magazine editors, they have been leading their students and readers down the garden path, even if they did so sincerely!

    Ergo: Second law of thermodynamics. ENTEROP: NOTHING IS SUSTAINABLE!

    Not even the bullshit that Vancouver will ever be a “green city” (i.e. the recently exposed myth that Vancouverites are giving up their cars!).